Digital Keyboard

Dependable and stylistically versatile 
Classical, Contemporary, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Broadway
Cocktail pianist 
Accompanist for Choral Ensembles 
Pit player for Musical Theatre 
 Traditional orhestration
MainStage/RMS/keyboardtek technology 
Seasonal Sing-alongs for special events


 Musical Theatre productions
Fiddler, Cabaret, Sweet Charity, Beauty & the Beast, Addams Family, Spamalot,  Bright Star, Joseph, etc.

Symphonic/Orchestral works
scored with accordion

Oktoberfest events


Liturgical music to inspire 
your church community. Stylistically versatile; 
Traditional hymns, classical, or contemporary repertoire for services, celebrations, and memorials.


Stylistically Versatile

Classical, Contemporary, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and Musical Theatre.

Public/Private schools, Churches, 

Community Choirs/Ensembles, 

Musical Theatre productions


Choral specialist

Band/Jazz Band/Marching Band/Orchestra

Traditional, Jazz/Pop/Rock, Broadway


Group lessons

Movement for your choral ensemble

Skill support for pre-service

and practicing teachers

Creative lesson planning tips


Workshops designed to meet your needs

Available to work with teachers and ensembles


Music for Seniors

Sing-alongs for every occasion

Live music for home-bound seniors

Dementia and Alzheimers patients welcome